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Helping Brands Win In The Connected World.

It's no secret that people find brands online. If your company struggles to connect with people on their phones and computers, we can help. We're designers and communicators who love technology almost as much as we love people. We understand that you have a unique story - let us tell it in the connected world.

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Web + Interactive

Drink Water. Give Water.

Website and application for the 10 Days – a social campaign designed to raise awareness and funding for safe water wells in Africa. Awarded with 2016 District Gold and 2016 Best In Show American Advertising Award.

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Brand + Strategy

A Summer of Adventures

Brand strategy, identity and web experience for Kid-Possible Summer Camp – a camp startup for kids six to ten years old.

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Video & Motion

Bringing Stories To Life

Visual storytelling through video, animation and interactive experiences, working to reach your audience in a connected world .

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Presentation Experience Design

Presentation Experiences

Our Big Fish Presentations service focuses on turning presentations into experiences. We transform communication for live conferences, sales teams and more.

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Our Capabilities

What happens when two companies choose to collaborate instead of compete?
A team with bold ideas - and the skills to back them up.

01.Web + Interactive

We see websites as living extensions of your brand experience. When working with us, you get more than an online brochure. Our team digs deep, transforming mundane content into moments that bridge you to your connected users.


  • Content Development
  • Copywriting and Messaging
  • UX/UI
  • Prototyping
  • Design + Illustration
  • Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Monitoring + Analytics

02.Brand + Strategy

We have the passion to understand your vision and the experience to overcome your challenges. Our cross-disciplinary team thrives on problem solving, unbridled creativity and new technologies to get results.


  • Brand Message
  • Digital Strategy
  • Consulting + Insights
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Brand Support

03.Video + Motion

Video is the fastest growing and most engaging form of digital content out there. That's why we make it a core capability for our agency. Our videos are produced in-house - telling your story in a way that's concise, immersive and impossible to forget.


  • Content Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Production
  • Live Film
  • Animation
  • Explainer Videos

Our Founders


Kenny Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Kenny builds partnerships with powerful brands and shares his entrepreneurial tips with the community through outlets like TEDx, Forbes and Huffington Post. He co-founded Big Fish Presentations after hearing the “worst presentation he had ever seen” and now leads ThreeSixtyEight in it's mission to help brands rediscover their creative confidence.

Jeremy Beyt

Jeremy Beyt

Chief Strategy Officer

A designer at heart, Jeremy leads the ThreeSixtyEight team with a mind for strategy and an eye for detail. With dual degrees in marketing and economics, he co-founded Hatchit to blend strategy and creativity for clients. Over the years, Jeremy has worked with brands like Pepsi, CenturyLink and TED to create unique and high-performing digital experiences.

Gus Murillo

Gus Murillo

Chief Operating Officer

Gus co-founded Big Fish Presentations and now oversees finances and operations at ThreeSixtyEight. Gus has the experience and understanding to take complex creative projects from concept to completion. He's led teams in partnership with brands like NASA, Raising Cane’s and CenturyLink to execute on large-scale digital and creative projects.

Nick Defelice

Nick Defelice

Chief Technology Officer

Nick directs the technology and engineering teams at ThreeSixtyEight. With dual degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering, he constructs high-performing digital products with world-class quality standards. He previously worked in project management for Bank of America and built award-winning web apps as the co-founder and lead technologist of Hatchit.

A new kind of agency.

Small teams with huge ideas - working hand-in-hand with our clients.

Creative confidence means that we have the courage to be ourselves, take creative risks and break the rules sometimes, knowing that when great ideas meet experience and execution, the results speak for themselves.

With the merge of Big Fish and Hatchit, our team brings a fresh perspective. When you mix years of experience in live presentation media with equal parts web and interactive, you get creativity and technology that simply speaks human.

We engage every project with focus and tenacity, knowing that great work comes from pushing through “good enough.” We stay late. We start over. We know what it takes to deliver truly remarkable experiences.

We know that success lies in our ability to think fast and adapt. That’s why we work in small teams that own the problem at hand. No committees or obstacles - just a group of dedicated experts who will do anything they can to create something worth sharing.

Focus means that every great outcome is the result of relentless attention, not giving up when the project is 95% done.

Purpose means that we engage every project with a sense of purpose, understanding the "why" behind every challenge.

Our process sets us apart. We sponsor discovery workshops with our clients, we prototype, we leave room for re-work, we test and test again.

If you don't measure your work, how do you know if it's successful? We identify key metrics and candidly track our performance, challenging clients to challenge us.

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